Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stuff over the last few Months!!!

Just to let you know that I am still here.  Maybe this is the way for me to write more about my quilting today.  I am excited about all the stuff I have done over the past few months:  Like.. finish some knitting stuff and some quilty stuff!!!  Quilts and hats, mittens, scarfs, mending for the children, finished Christmas stuff by the end of January of this for last years Christmas.  Dave and I are enjoying our time together here on the farm.  He is working on the Kitchen renovations and thinking about seeing our Grandbabies do their stuff.  It is somethig.. our first grandgirl will graduate from HIGH School next year at this time.  And this past year has flown by way toooooo fast.  Here are few pics of some of the stuff I have accomplished?  Have fun looking.  The birds on the curtain are FSL of Birds... cardinal, chickadee and humming bird.  The Hats are in two different colors of red... one matches my coat and the other turned out to be too rusty color.  I am having fun in our retirement.    Talk again sometime!!!