Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quilt finally finished!!

I am finally finished with a project started in 1992. A flying geese quilt from Eleanor Burns first Flying Geese Book. I decided that my son turning 40 was the best excuse to stop everything and get it done!!! I did and it is... the label goes on today and then to the laundry for the removal of the 17 years of dust and kitties. Then to him!!! However I will be taking it to my guilds quilt show on Wednesday and then another guilds quilt show on the following Saturday. HEre are some pics of the progress. I quilted on it the whole week I was at the lake on vacation. I cannot sit in the sun but the camp was arranged so I could be in the light enough to feel like I am on the lake. Very relaxing and I finished it!!! Dave and I even took a whole day on the lake. I spent the weekend in bed but ... that is another story. That is Pepper in the pictures... he always like to help me do things...Everything!! Sits on the edge of the tub when I shower... on the bathroom counter when I brush my teeth... stuff like that.