Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Today and the last few days have been lovely!!! I have been playing or caretaking of grand people!!! They are so awsome!! They have played and played are still playing. I remember playing with my cousins...it was always such fun. They have "pretended" to do several things today. And today they ate. I know they ate all weekend and today we ate all day. The weather is near to perfect. Humidity is a bit more than I like but it is not hampering them. One time today they all sat on the deck with popsicles and in their little chairs like us "big people"!

Emma, Ben, Nora and Olivia and Pop and I all had a lovely swim in Sebago Lake Sunday afternoon!!! It was invigorating to be in the lake for a length of time and get really cooled off. However, the lake was like bath water all weekend. Emma jumped off my knees and in one breath would go under my legs and do a flip and come back through my legs. She was really good at it! Ben and Nora and I played with a squirt gun of sorts.

On August 7th there was a Stairs Family reunion at Sebago Lake state Park Day use area. There was fun to be had by all. Children swam,adults caught up with each other and new memebers were met. Babies were fun to see. All in all it was a wonderful time there.

It is story time! Childeren are ready for story!!!